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Outside Committee

We would like to say a special thanks to out external community members who help make this school possible.



12688141_1125606900791629_5805118154685153480_nSandy Menter- Full Cosmetologist.

Sandy Menter grew up in upstate New York and has been a cosmetologist since her graduation of beauty school. Menter moved to Colorado in 1985, and has been here since. Her biggest goal, as a cosmetologist and in life, is offering help out to others and making sure that her clients are happy and satisfied by the end of their appointment.  Sandy Menter still works with most of the clients she’s gained from day one and is a firm believer in “honest work gets honest results”.



Patricia Keller- Nurse Practitioner

Patty Keller is representing our Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, and Pharmacy Technician courses. Patty Keller graduated from Olivet Nazarene University Kankakee in Illinois in 1982. Since then, she has only been expanding her knowledge and certifications to become the best practitioner she can be, and has since obtained her master’s degree from the University of Colorado in 2010. Over the years, she has also won multiple recognitions and awards with her last recognition being a featured section of her own in St. Anthony’s Publication, “Insight”.



Kristina Harvan- Dental Assistant

Kristina Harvan is originally from Lithuania and now resides in Colorado. Kristina first attended an Orthodontic University in Lithuania and then attended University of Colorado’s School of Dental Medicine when she moved here. She was able to be a part of a general practice residency where she then went on to her career. Kristina Harvan now owns a successful dental practice and is constantly continuing her education in order to keep up with our advancing and ever-growing technologies.



Zahira Houghtelin- Educator

Zahira Houghtelin earned her first bachelor’s degree in 2003 but continued to pursue her master’s degree in Communications & Organizational Leadership and Education. She currently continues to pursue learning courses that help her master her business leadership styles while enhancing and improving her crucial leadership communication and interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and cultural awareness defining successful guidance. Houghtelin also works very closely with fitness and health programs at local gyms and clubs.




Lisa Hill- Program Specialist

Lisa works in the Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools which is part of the Department of Higher Education.