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Aesthetician Program

Estheticians provide care and treatment that maximizes the skins’ health and beauty. These professional skin-care specialists, also known as Aestheticians, provide preventive care for the outer layer of your body and offer treatments to maintain or improve the skins’ appearance.

Estheticians perform facials and facial massage, as well as other esthetic treatments of the skin. If you want to improve the health of the populations’ skin by learning health and beauty techniques, choose United College of Health and Beauty for your Esthetician program.

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The Aesthetician Program is designed to provide students with integrated theoretical and practical learning experiences and strong foundation in specialized beauty and body treatments. The goal of the program is to prepare graduated to function effectively diverse, competitive and growing customer service industry. The Aesthetician industry based on the promotion of well being through provision of special facial, hand, foot, and body treatments. There are a high expectation of proficiency and excellence in the skills and professionalism of practitioners, and service provision is customized to the needs of individual clients. Learning outcomes of the Program encompass code of ethics and conduct, use specialized equipment and products, technical instruction pertaining to personal skin treatments an services, business and customer service skills, sales techniques, safe and proficient practice necessary for entry level position as Aesthetician.


Tuition = $6,500.00   Kit Fee (Included book and uniform) = $500.00

Courses Description

Theory Hrs

Lab Hrs

Total Hrs

Credit Hrs

     1. Law, Rules and Regulations 6 24 30 1
     2. Management, Ethics, Interpersonal Skills, and Salesmanship 20 10 30 1
     3. Disinfection, Cleaning, and Safe Work Practices 42 168 210 7
     4. Facials and Skin Care 42 168 210 7
     5. Hair Removal 18 72 90 3
     6. Facial Makeup 6 24 30 1
     7. Clinical Shadow  0 40 40 1.33
Total 134 506 640 21.33 credits





  Tuition =$560 / each

MICRODERMABRASION COURSE Theory Hrs. Lab Hrs. Total Hrs. Semester/Quarter Hrs.
Skin 1 1
Skin Type/Conditions 1 1
Microexfoliation  1 1 2
Treatment Procedures  5 5
Cleaning, Disinfection, Sterilization, and Safety 1  1 2
Laws, Rules, and Regulations  1 1
Salesmanship 1 1
Occupational Safety & Health  1 1
Total 14


 COSMETIC RESURFACING COURSE Theory Hrs. Lab Hrs. Total Hrs. Semester/Quarter Hrs.
     Skin Analysis, Conditions, Contraindictations, and Aftercare  8 8
    Product Ingredients of Cosmetic Resurfacing Exfoliating Substaces  8 8
    Chemical Peel Treatment Procedures and Treatment of Reaction  8 8
Total 24

We emphasize careers and prepare you with the skills necessary to qualify for an entry-level position in esthetics.

Curriculum in the esthetics program includes training in skin care, skin medicine, maintaining healthy skin and more.

United esthetician schools are more than your average beauty school. Some of our esthetician training covers skills taught in a cosmetology school, but our esthetician schools focus exclusively on skin care and skin health.

Other common terms for Esthetician are aesthetician, medical esthetician, skin health practitioner, skin care specialist, and paramedical esthetician.


At United, we are dedicated to training estheticians for a satisfying professional career. This program includes esthetics classes that cover many different techniques and methods. You will leave United feeling confident in your knowledge and ready to start a new career.

The curriculum in the United College Esthetics program focuses your studies on exactly the information you need in order to obtain an entry-level position. More importantly, your instructor will help you truly understand the materials so that you are able to pursue your career with confidence in your skills.



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