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Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians, under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, help the pharmacists provide medication and other health care products to patients and consumers.

Technicians usually perform routine tasks to help prepare prescribed medication, such as counting tablets and labeling bottles.

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Pharmacy technicians can perform these tasks in large health systems, hospital and clinic pharmacies, retail pharmacies, home health care pharmacies, nursing home pharmacies, and chain pharmacies. Non-traditional settings are also becoming more popular and technicians are finding employment with large medical insurance companies, drug manufacturing companies, drug wholesale companies, and as instructors in pharmacy technician training programs.


In a retail pharmacy setting, pharmacy technicians receive written prescriptions or requests for prescription refills from patients. They also may receive prescriptions sent electronically from the doctor’s office. They must verify that information on the prescription is complete and accurate.


Pharmacy technicians in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted-living facilities have added responsibilities including reading patients’ charts and preparing the appropriate medication. After the pharmacist checks the prescription for accuracy, the pharmacy technician may deliver it to the patient.


The most important characteristic of these pharmacy technician duties is the need for absolute accuracy and precision in both the technical and clerical aspects of the job to ensure patient health and safety.




The objective of the Pharmacy Technician Program is to prepare the student by providing the occupational education, training and skills for an entry level employment opportunity in the fields of pharmacology and pharmacy operation. 




Tuition: $3,500


Course Program

Theory Hrs.

Lab Hrs.

Total Hrs.

     1. Fundamentals of the Pharmacy Technician 40   40
     2. Basic Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Terminology 20 10 30
     3. Infection Control and Standard Precautions 10 10 20
     4. Applied Pharmacology 70 20 90
     5. Pharmacy Math, Calculation 20 20 40
     6. Pharmacy Practice, Operation and Management 40 20 60
     7. Pharmaceutical Compounding 10 10 20
     8. Institutional Pharmacy 30 10 40
     9. Non- Prescription Drugs and Devices 20   20
     10. Clinical Practicum   140  
TOTAL 260 240 500

Graduates from our Pharmacy Technician school can expect to enjoy working in a professional environment with licensed pharmacists.

Pharmacy Technician school prepares you for an exciting career in the pharmacy industry that focuses on helping people and can also serve as an excellent starting point for many other health care jobs.

If you enjoy flexible schedules, career advancement and the freedom to work in a variety of locations, then Pharmacy Technician training may be a good choice for you



United’s comprehensive pharmacy technician school curriculum will focus your studies on the information you need to know.


Your dedicated pharmacy technician instructor will make certain that you truly understand the materials so you can pursue your career with confidence in your skills.



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